Bare Metal ImageCreator

Bare Metal ImageCreator seamlessly generates bare metal images of all of your large server files and machines.  After the images are created, they will be sent safely and securely to the cloud with SRUS ServerSave’s Bare Metal ImageStream.

Create transactionally consistent bare metal images of these key servers and machines:

  • Windows server (2003, 2008, SBS 2003, SBS 2008)
  • SQL servers (2005, 2008, and 2010)
  • Sharepoint servers (2008 and 2010)
  • Exchange servers (Exchange 2003, Exchange 2008, and Exchange 2010)
  • Full local machines

By using transactionally consistent backup, SRUS ServerSave eliminates the opportunity for error during a backup.  SRUS ServerSave is capable of continuous bare metal backup, creating base image files and then incremental image files as changes are detected.

Bare Metal ImageStream

SRUS ServerSave uses ImageStream to manage and send your large bare metal image files directly to the cloud. Guarded by three-tiers of encryption, your data is secure in the cloud and recovery is reliable.

ImageStream allows you maximum flexibility and security in bare metal backup and recovery.

  • Sends bare metal images to the cloud – storing data safely off site
  • ImageStream provides policy-driven services for managing backed up image files
  • In the event of disaster, your files will be ready for recovery
  • Complete data protection
  • SRUS ForeverSave – Automatic and infinite archiving
  • Unlimited versioning
  • SRUS Timeline Recovery - restore at any backup date in the machine’s history
  • File and folder browsing and recovery
  • Verify and re-verify the current state of backed up images

For the ultimate in security, use SRUS ServerSave’s ImageStream to transport your backup images safely to the cloud.